Mask Maintenance and Customization

Mask maintenance, repair, custom paint jobs and other customization of masks of all brands are part of the services of Wall Masks. If a standard mask is not the right fit for your head, contact us and we will modify the mask so that it is the right size. All the necessary spare parts are available even for old Wall masks, and we also repair, customize and paint masks of other brands. If you need, for example, to replace the padding of your old mask, contact us, regardless of the brand of your mask.

Maintenance and operating instructions


The Wall airbrush artists have already created thousands of custom paint jobs on new and old masks. The paint jobs are always customized according to the customer’s wishes, and the price depends on the difficulty of the job, the style and the details. You can tell us what you want verbally or by using drawings or other example designs, but don’t worry, you don’t need to be an expert in image design. We’ll make you an offer based on your goals for the paint job, and the order can be placed once you have accepted the offer. The delivery schedule depends on the difficulty of the paint job and the length of the job queue of the painters, but it is normally about one month.

The price of the paint job is always agreed in advance with Wall Masks, you can then select this product to pay for the painting.

The price of a paint job is influenced by many factors, such as style, amount of detail, colors and various painting techniques required.

You can also pay for the paint job in our webshop, but please contact us before ordering at or +358400842539

Also, we charge an additional €69 for the priming and disassembly of an old mask. Paint jobs for masks with decals already on them are agreed on a case-by-case basis.

We do not prepare artist’s proofs of the paintings in advance, but the customer has the right to obtain pictures of the final outcome before delivery. After approval, we will deliver the mask normally using Matkahuolto cash-on-delivery (COD), which means that you pay for the mask when you collect it from Matkahuolto.

You can find the price groups for paintings in our online store.

(Custom painted masks are non-refundable.)

Below are some ideas for paint jobs